Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Exceptional Minds Experience Workshop

On Oct. 10th, the Fox VFX Lab had the distinct pleasure to welcome Exceptional Minds Studio, a non-profit Animation and Visual Effects School for young adults on the Autism Spectrum, into the facility for a morning of tech demos and talks with our industry specialists. The focus of the visit was exposure to, and education of, the technology and tools used by the Fox VFX Lab in the virtual production of feature films and games. Different stations were set up around our large motion capture/live action capture volume, Snider Stage, where students could get hands-on experience using one of our Virtual Cameras, put on a 2k Headrig, and experience our stage in Virtual Reality (VR) with VR Goggles. They also got to hear from two of our team leads, Ryan Beagan and Edward Quintero, who discussed the ins and outs of Virtual Production as well as what a career in such a burgeoning field looks like. Fox VFX Lab was thrilled to show these bright, young students how the skills they are learning are contributing to this new frontier in filmmaking.

For more information the Exceptional Minds Studio and their programs, check out their website here:

Girls Who Code Experience Workshop (in collaboration with 21CF Social Impact)

Earlier in the year, Fox VFX Lab got the opportunity to pair with 21st Century Fox’s Social Impact department in putting on an Experience Workshop for the Girls Who Code nonprofit organization, which aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science. A group of these young students, escorted by members of 21CF Social Impact and other Fox divisions, got to tour the facility as well as hear from two of our industry-leading professionals, Ryan Beagan and Alejandro Arango, regarding the future of coding and its place in the Virtual Production field. Following the talks, the young women were able to handle the Virtual Camera, the VR goggles, and a 2k Headrig. Their interaction with this new technology was not only encouraging towards the future of women in computer sciences, but also inspirational for the team members at Fox VFX Lab. We were honored to have been able to provide such an experience for the Girls Who Code along with our friends at 21CF Social Impact.

For more information on Girls Who Code and to learn how you can support their mission, visit: