What is FOX VFX LAB?

Fox VFX Lab is the in-house virtual production team for Fox Feature Entertainment.  We use the latest technologies and techniques to develop and execute creative content for film/TV/game/and VR productions.

Where is FOX VFX LAB located?

We are located here in the DTLA Arts District.  We have 2 motion capture / live action sound stages, production offices, and editorial suites.

What's the backstory?

The core team from Technoprops was acquired by Twentieth Century Fox in early 2017. You can read more about it here.

What does FOX VFX LAB do?

We merge the open ended imagination of animation with the immediacy of live action film making.

Neat. What do you really do?  

It depends on what stage the project is in. Here are examples of how we can make a difference:


  • Hands on work with director/production designer/producers to get a project off the ground
  • Story Development
  • World Building
  • PitchViz - high quality proof of concepts for studio types
  • Animatics
  • Talent - Help source the ideal team for the project


  • Previs
  • Virtual Art Department transforming concept designs into usable 3D assets
  • Virtual Production
  • VR Layout
  • Virtual Cinematography using physical devices or fully VR
  • PrepViz Motion Capture for scene blocking
  • Editorial support/Temp music
  • Techviz to prepare for live action production
  • VFX Prototyping


  • Body and Facial Motion Capture
  • Virtual production and on set supervision
  • Simulcam and Virtualized Sets
  • Image Capture Support - Camera/DIT/Video Assist/On Set Editorial
  • Controlled Motion - Motion Base/Robots/Motion Control Cameras/Movement Platform Programming and Integration
  • Lighting control and Media playback


  • PostViz / Shot Integration
  • VFX deliveries and scene packaging
  • Editorial Support as needed

What FOX VFX LAB doesn't do**

  • Write scripts
  • Storyboard (Though we can source top talent)
  • Production design / Creature design (But we do work closely with the production's art dept.)
  • VFX finals
  • Post Production - color, picture edit, sound

**Keep in mind that we are a part Fox Studios Film Division and have tight relationships with the entire film production pipeline.